Last Call

There’s something terribly bittersweet about that last glimpse of light on the horizon before it bids us Adieu.

I just posted this particular photo on Instagram. And I’ve dedicated it to Jon Stewart, whose unique hilarity, spot on satirical commentary, and beloved humble brilliance have not only given rise to so many others’ thriving careers, but have illuminated us all. I haven’t been this choked up about a television farewell since Johnny Carson, and I’m still not over that one. And now, here I sit…dreading another “last show”…wallowing in nostalgia, and utterly verklempt…yet, so grateful to have been a witness to the graceful exit of an irreplaceable, legendary gentleman who gave so much to so many.

So…one more for the road, indeed, old chum. Thanks for shining your light. *heavy sigh*

So long…