Spoiler Alert: Ranting, Dead Ahead

Rant, originally posted on Instagram, but applies to all social media. It actually started as a political Caligula-esque bloodbath over on Facebook. These bovine darlings are clearly my audience, and they couldn’t tolerate me, either. I love them for their vaguely interested, yet, ultimately dismissive attitudes. I wish I could be more like these cows. Ohhhhhmmmmm…

~begin rant~

 It’s not so much the pathetic souls, frantically ‘building their brands’ and honing their contrived personas…it’s the blithering idiots who continuously and blindly encourage their gobbledygook. There, I said it. I tend to stay in my lane here on Instagram, but I guess I’m jaded by spending several years over on Twitter, and witnessing the irrationally monstrous, bloated egos that social media helps create. I’ve probably seen it all…women who play men (and other women) for attention and $$$…men who stalk/cruise women…people who fake illnesses, create bogus gofundme accounts, and hurt others with no conscience, whatsoever…trolls of all kinds…people who totally misrepresent themselves and steal others’ work…people who think they’re the next writer for SNL, or the next Ansel Adams…some of the most sinister, laughable, eye-rolling BS you can imagine. So, if you consider yourself “instafamous”, keep in mind that Justin Bieber has 63.7 million legitimate followers, ready to maim and kill for him. Now dial it way down and try to maintain some freaking integrity. Or head on over to Twitter where that notion hardly exists. Just know, I personally have zero interest in games and inflated numbers and some imaginary ladder to nowhere. But I very much appreciate genuine people…those of you willing to share your unique talents and skills, and your personal observations, experiences, and thoughts with no hidden agenda. And I’m especially grateful to those of you who support others along the way. I find that quite inspiring. I always learn something from others who are imaginative and not uber crafty…(you know who you are, and, hopefully, who you are not). So please keep that up…the world definitely needs much more of that.

~end rant~